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Doctors Accepting New Patients






2 Reviews on “Doctors Accepting New Patients”

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  • Dawn Hamilton

    I agree with everything Sandra says. How am I supposed to find a family doctor if RQHR doesn’t provide a list? When I google “doctors accepting new patients Regina “ it only returned one result. When I looked up reviews of that specific doctor, the most recent reviews said how sad they were that she was leaving at the end of last month. So does that mean that Regina has no doctors accepting new patients? What are we supposed to do?

    1. Dawn Hamilton

      I forgot to add that the list of clinics in Regina that RQHR has is not correct either. I was looking for Gardens Medical Clinic, which is a multi disciplinary clinic that has been in operation for several years. It’s not on the list of clinics in Regina. So, no list of doctors accepting new patients, and an incomplete list of clinics makes searching for a new doctor almost impossible.

      1. Hi Dawn. Thanks for leaving your comment. We, at OneStopYQR, would love to find a way to improve the search for family physicians. This platform displays in top Google results so if anyone knows of doctors accepting patients, or clinics accepting patients, feel free to drop the name in the reviews. This is a consistent page that is being viewed so for now, could be a useful resource. Thanks for your comment.

    2. Lynda

      phone the medical clinics like we all use to do, take some initiative

  • Sandra

    Why have you removed the list of doctors accepting new patients? Is it because are are not any doctors taking new patients? Is it because new doctors are not coming to take the the place of doctors quitting. I know of many doctors retiring and moving out of province. That is what has happened to me. My doctor is burnt out and quitting. The medical system is broken. I plead with you, please fix it. People are dying because the doctors are leaving and quitting and over worked.

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